Dime Scheduler

Dime Scheduler

Dime Scheduler


When it comes to Graphical Resource Planning and Scheduling tools, Dime Scheduler should be your premier choice. Dime Scheduler integrates well with Microsoft Dynamics, Dynamics CRM, SAP BusinessOne and many other business applications looking to integrate planning functionality into their business processes or solutions. This add-on product extends all capabilities of any current implementation while enhancing all of the business processes and workflows already established.

Dime.Scheduler is currently used in many applications such as: (Industrial) Construction, Field Service, Offshore Gas & Oil, Transport, Training & Education, Professional Services, Projects, Facility Management, Event Management, Service Points, Rental Services and much more.

A compelling visual experience that introduces the next generation of graphical resource planning. Entirely web-based yet with a fluent and responsive multi-language user interface featuring drag & drop, docking panels and personalisation. Designed with taking into account the subtle differentiators that make company processes unique. Dime.Scheduler is extremely flexible and uses data rather than development to align with the business.  

Dime Scheduler product features: 

  • Resource Planning and Scheduling Tool
  • Graphical plan board component with multiple views
  • Time bar navigation
  • Drag & drop planning
  • Time bar navigation
  • Smart resource filtering with Filter Groups
  • Assign tasks to multiple resources
  • Define recurring patterns as in Outlook
  • Secondary, alternative or replacement plan board
  • Integrated multi-point geo-mapping
  • Easy user interface personalization
  • Multi-language support
  • Data-driven setup and security
  • Task color, time marker and priority based on task data
  • User access restriction based on task data
  • Multi-database support


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